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Opuntia ficus-indicaProactol is made of some of the most organic and completely natural ingredients out there today. Teams of food scientists, food and fitness experts, and dietitians worked together to find out what the most natural ingredient/extract they could use to make into what is now known as Proactol Plus. After countless searches, an even more testing, researching, and studies, they have finally found arguably the most effective, organic, natural ingredient to make as the base of Proactol Plus – the extracts of the Prickly Pear cactus species, scientific name, Opuntia ficus-indica. The secret of the extracts actually lies in the composition of the cactus itself.

Since Proactol Plus acts in such a way that it prolongs the digestion process inside the stomach and the body, you can pretty much attribute that process to the Prickly Pear itself. Since the natural habitat of cacti is the dry deserts (the Prickly Pear is endemic to the wild deserts of Mexico and the Central Americas), there is little to no food for long periods of time for these plants. When they get the chance to get that little food, they suck it up right away and store it within their bodies using the very extracts used as the Proactol ingredients for them to be able to prolong the digestion period within their own bodies, giving them more food for prolonged durations of time. An ingenious biological composition function, as well as an ingenious discovery by the Proactol Plus team.

Are the Proactol Ingredients Medically Tested?

Short answer: Yes. The patented organic and completely natural extract is 100 percent clinically and medically tested. Aside from the panel of different experts on the Proactol Plus team working nonstop to ensure the legitimacy of this amazing weight loss and fat binding supplement, Proactol Plus has actually been tested by a lot of different official organizations which are known for checking food and drug legitimacy. It has gone through many varying tests, most notably one back at the July of 2006, and another one during the February of 2009. Should you want further proof of the official clinical certification, you would want to check the product itself if or when it reaches you, and look for the official “CE mark and stamp of approval”.

The Prickly Pear extract has been medically tested, and passed with flying colors as completely natural and organic at the initial medical testing of Proactol Plus. The subsequent studies and tests proved that the rest of the Proactol ingredients, particularly the fibers which make do the “dirty work” also passed. With each and every succeeding clinical and medical test, Proactol Plus passes with even brighter colors than the previous tests. This just goes to show you that this supplement just keeps on improving in order for the ultimate goal of fat and weight loss to be achieved the best and quickest way possible.

Any Side Effects to Using Proactol Plus?

If by side effects you mean the loss of weight and fat, then absolutely yes of course there are side effects to using Proactol Plus! (In fact, this is the main side effect). If you mean to say side effect which lean the other way, the way of negative side effects, then you can rest assured that it has never had any serious or life-threatening side effects reported by users. Apart from a few cases of upset stomachs, and even fewer cases of lightheadedness, there have been no, nor will there ever be, reports of serious or grave side effects. Proactol Plus is so side effect-proof, that placebo effect drugs and supplements might even have more side effects than Proactol does.

The completely natural and organic Proactol ingredients prevent any grave and negative side effects from hitting users. Do not worry about side effects when taking Proactol Plus; in fact you might even want to worry more about the unbelievable fat binding and weight loss process happening right before your eyes. It’s so unbelievable you would think you would have been having crazy side effects. In truth, that is just the magic of the Proactol Plus ingredients burning away the fat with its patented system.

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